I don’t usually write in english on my blog, but as this set is only available in UK, I thought it was more appropriate. Early in November, I did a trip in London and obviously, I had to pick up some products that I find only there.

Tanya Burr is one of my favorite YouTuber. Before YouTube, she was a make up artist, and for that, she knows what she’s talking about. I picked up this Christmas set, available at Superdrug. It’s my first Tanya Burr product! For me, it’s the most complete set of the collection, and with it, I was able to try a little bit of everything.

tanya burr makeup christmas set

tanya burr makeup christmas set

In this set, you have this beautiful eyeshadow palette with 6 shades. Two of them are mat, Crème de la crème and Helzenut Coco. The last four shades are iridescent. The pigmentation is really good except for the lighter. Since I have this palette, Gold Star and Helzenut Coco are part of my everyday makeup routine. I love them!

tanya burr makeup christmas set

Still with the eyes, you have these two jumbo pencils. For me, these two pencils are very disapointed. They’re not pigmented and way too creamy. The only use that I found is as a primer for the eyeshadows, it makes them more intense, but that’s it.

Moving on to the complexion, first of all you have an another palette. This one contains three coloured highlighters. They’ve got a great pigmentation, not to shimmery and not to light, just perfect!

The set also contains an highlighter cream. It’s not my kind of product, but it’s not too glittery and you can easily mix it with your foundation.

tanya burr makeup christmas set

Finally, you have these gorgeous lipsticks. The dark red is called Winter and the nude peach is Belgian Truffle. Both of them are mat, well pigmented, but a little bit dry. You can manage that if you apply a lip balm before.

I’m very happy with this set. The quality is really good and not to festive you can easily use everything the rest of the year! I hope I’ll be able to try other products from Tanya Burr makeup range! In the meanwhile, you can find the entire collection at Superdrug.

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